Johannesburg, South Africa:

What began as a simple challenge amongst friends and family to raise awareness of Pompe Disease using the Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge as a platform, has evolved into charity initiative which seeks to help as many children and adults with rare conditions. Pedalling 4 Pompe is the main fundraising event for the Rare Disease Society of South Africa.

This year ABS Africa took part as a member of the kaskar project and helped raise approximately R 500 000 for the Rare Disease Society of South Africa. The heat and gusting winds certainly made it a tough day out on the streets of Johannesburg and tested the Pedalling4Pompe team to the limit, which makes us event prouder of the achievement.

We hope to participate again next year and continue to contribute to this worthy cause.

For more information on this cause as well as the fundraising activities of the please visit or to view their various fundraising activities.

To everyone that contributed to the cause a sincere thank you from the team at ABS Africa. To those that did not get around to making a donation there is still some time left in 2015. Alternatively, why not join us in 2016 for a loop around Johannesburg?

The ABS Africa and Pedalling4Pompe Team