Sustainability Services

ABS Africa offers a complete range of sustainability services to clients in the mining, infrastructure and energy sectors.

  • We understand the complexity of environmental and social systems and the significant role these play in the long-term sustainability of a business.
  • Developed from our strong history in the resources sector, we have gained considerable experience in the application of best practice standards and guidelines including the IFC Performance Standards and Equator Principles.

Sustainable Development Advisory Services

From early sustainable development interventions in the mid-1990s to the more recent commitments reached at COP21 and the UN Post-2015 Development Agenda, the ABS Africa team of professionals are privileged to be involved in advising clients on a range of sustainability aspects. We provide advisory services across the sustainable development continuum including sustainability business risk and opportunity assessments, carbon, GHG and climate change planning, and sustainability reporting. ABS Africa is a member of the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA).

Due Diligence Investigations & Review

As trusted advisors to financial institutions, private investors, project owner’s and some of the largest project engineering companies in the world, we have applied our expertise in advising clients on the potential risks and mitigation measures associated with acquisitions, third party reviews, recommissioning and other related activities.

Environmental Audits & Compliance Monitoring

From rapid gap analysis audits to comprehensive facility audits of complex industrial sites, we have experience in conducting audits against license conditions, company management systems and international best practice. We have assisted in the development of a guideline on compliance monitoring for a regulatory agency and provided compliance monitoring services during the construction phase of various developments including residential, port, rail and petroleum storage.

Environmental Management Programmes

Having been responsible for the setup and implementation of environmental management controls for the construction phase of a variety of large infrastructure projects, we are familiar with the challenges of constructing a development within the ambit of overly restrictive or inflexible management measures. From basic construction environmental management plans for small infrastructure developments to IFC-compliant Environmental Management Programmes with Action Plans, we have experience in compiling management plans and programmes which are risk-based, flexible and pragmatic.

GIS, Spatial Analysis & Spatial Planning

Our GIS capability includes a range of services including basic mapping for environmental assessments, environmental monitoring, floodline analysis and environmental permit applications. Spatial analysis, 3D analysis, geodatabases and the classification and interpretation of remotely sensed data is also undertaken. With access to a range of spatial data through our preferred partners, we also advise clients on the selection of the most appropriate spatial data for a particular project application.

Mine Closure & Rehabilitation planning

Working with selected specialists, ABS Africa has experience in the quantification of closure liabilities, the development and compilation of closure plans, specifications and the more practical aspects of setting up and managing rehabilitation and closure contracts.

Permitting & Licensing

Supported by our selected network of specialists and in-country environmental professionals, ABS Africa has considerable experience in obtaining the various environmental permits that may be required for a development. These include waste management licences, atmospheric emission licences, heritage permits, water use licences and permits for the relocation and/or removal of fauna and flora.

Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) Monitoring and Reporting

As the requirement for sustainability reporting becomes more imperative, companies are now required to disclose their sustainability and environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategies more than ever. We enable our clients to monitor their projects ESG performance and identify, manage, and maintain their ESG goals. We design industry specific ESG monitoring and reporting frameworks in order to meet investor requirements; we prepare and conduct monthly/annual ESG auditing reports; we conduct ESG gap analysis and due diligence assessments of future projects and investments against local, international and industry best practice standards and guidelines.